Respecting the Contract: Crew Resources

At the March 16th Town Hall, members of Local 80 discussed ways to support and inform the Negotiating Committee. Among some of the items discussed were:

  • Respect the Contract
    • Don’t start work before call time.
    • Don’t open and unload trucks before call time.
    • Van rides are on the clock.
    • Report NDBs accurately. Remember, if you don’t have a 30-minute break where you are relieved from all work responsibilities, you didn’t get an NDB.
    • Report forced calls accurately.
  • Join a CAT Team
    • Contract Action Teams are the beating heart of these negotiations. CAT Teams serve to inform members about the status and events of the negotiation as well as direct member support or concerns back up to the negotiations in the room.
    • CAT Teams are the membership’s voice in the negotiation.

Slideshows from the Town Hall