IATSE Local 80 Safety & Training

Welcome to the Local Safety & Training page. Over 25 years ago, a deadly incident moved the Local to take a more active roll in the protection of the membership. The Local committed resources to the provide oversite of workplaces, participation in industry standards and training in skills and safety. Since that initial commitment, Local 80 has been a leader in industry safety issues.

To maintain and improve the protection of the membership requires help from all members. That is what this page is for. As we move forward you will see information available to improve your life. There will be links to information that you should already know about and thing that are new. What the page also allows is sharing information you may have and asking questions for information that you want to know.

As we move forward, please comment on what you see and what you would like to see. We are starting out with nearly a blank page, we have lots to fill in.

Send comment, pictures, questions to [email protected]

Skills Training

Click Safety Emergency to Call Immediately

Contract Services Administrative Trust Fund (CSATF) www.csatf.org/

Industry Wide Safety Bulletins www.csatf.org/bulletintro.shtml

Contract Services Administrative Trust Fund (CSATF) www.csatf.org/

The IATSE Safety Hotline: 888.7.SAFELY (888.772.3359)

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