Special Membership Meeting for Nominations Only

February 27, 2022 @ 10:00 am America/Los Angeles Timezone

The 2022 General Election of Officers and Delegates is coming soon.
The members of Local 80 will nominate and elect their Officers and Delegates next year.
Nominations will take place on Sunday, February 28, 2022, at a Special Meeting of the
Membership for the sole purpose of nominating candidates. Criteria for eligibility to run as a
candidate and rules for the election will be published here in a future posting.
The Offices to be filled are:
The President presides at meetings of the membership and the Executive Board, and appoints
officers pro tempore and makes committee assignments.
The Vice President serves as parliamentarian to advice the President on rules of order, and in
the absence of the President presides and performs all the duties of the President.
The Business Manager conducts the general supervision of the operation of the Local, and
represents the members with the employers, and is a full time salaried office.
The Secretary-Treasurer keeps the minutes of membership meetings and Executive Board
meetings, and maintains the correspondence and financial records of the Local, and is a full
time salaried office.
The Executive Board has supervision over all business of the Local.
The Trustees have general supervision of the finances and securities of the Local.
The Sergeant at Arms attends the door at all General Membership meetings, and assists the
presiding officer and maintains order and decorum in the meetings.
The Delegates represent the Local at conventions.
Complete descriptions, powers and responsibilities, and other information for each of the
above is in the Local 80 Constitution and By-Laws which can be found on this website.
More information concerning nominations and the election will be posted in the coming weeks.