Local 80 Members, come join us for free training provided by your Executive Board. This work stoppage is affecting all of us, and we want to create opportunities for you, the members, to learn or sharpen your craft.

Monday, June 5th and Wednesday June 7th
Address: 2520 W Olive Ave, Burbank CA, 91505

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Executive Board Outreach Training

Monday, June 5th Class Schedule

  • 8am - 10am

    Safety Walkthrough

    Class taught by IA Safety Chair Kent Jorgensen

  • 8am - 12pm (2 sessions)

    Intro to Set Medic

    Introduction to production for medics- Adriana De la Cruz, Vice President, along with paramedic Greg Levine

  • 10am - 3pm (2 sessions)

    Stop the Bleed Certificate Class

    Class taught by Stop the Bleed instructor and local 80 member Nico Bartoli

  • 1pm - 3pm

    Car Mounting Class

    Car mounting Class taught by Safety and Skills Training member Jeremiah Magan and Key Grip Peter Chrimes

  • 3pm - 5pm


    Rigging Class taught by Executive Board member Jason Selsor

Executive Board Outreach Training

Wednesday, June 7th Class Schedule

  • 8am - 12noon

    Crafts Service Health Department and CS Truck walkthrough

    Class presented by Executive Board member Sherril Harris

  • 8am - 12pm (2 sessions)

    Best Boy 101

    Best Boy 101 by  President Dana Baker and Executive Board member Ted Mayer

  • 1pm - 3pm

    Intro to 1st Unit Gripping

    Class taught by Executive Board Member Steven Buehler

  • 3pm - 5pm

    Intro to Vectorworks

    Intro to Vectorworks taught by Safety Committee member Wade Cordts