Local 80 Scholarship Grant 2023

In 2023, Local 80 is offering 3 scholarship grants of $1,000 each.

These grants are for the legal dependents of Local Eighty members in good standing (by July 31st) who:

      1. Are high school seniors that will be attending an accredited vocational school, college, or university in the next twenty-four (24) months.
      2. Have applied to, been accepted at, or are currently enrolled in their first year of continuing education at an accredited vocational school, college, or university
      3. Have not previously received a Local Eighty scholarship grant

Please read the entire application and answer the questions carefully and truthfully.  Your completed application, along with all required records and documentation must be submitted to the address listed below postmarked no later than July 31st.  If you have not yet been accepted to a school, college or university, leave that space blank.

You will be watching “How Green Was My Valley”, the Oscar award winning film (1941 directed by John Ford).  The story chronicles life in the South Wales Coal Fields, the loss of that way of life and its effects on the family.  When composing the essay, please try to focus on the unionism.  How was organized labor treated in the movie?  What did you learn in school about unions?  How has a union affected you and your family’s life?  Use the movie as a starting point, then expand from there.

Do not write a review of the film.  We are looking for your original thoughts and reflections on the movie and what this movie means to you.

Your essay must be between 1000 and 3000 words in length, it must be anonymous, and both race and gender neutral.  If your identity (or the identity of your relative in Local Eighty) can be deduced from your essay, it will be disqualified.  The essays will be judged on your understanding of the film, how well you are able to communicate your opinion of the film and your defense of those opinions.

We look forward to reading your essay.

The deadline for filing all required material is, July 31st, 2023

Mail Submissions to :

Scholarship Committee IATSE Local 80

2520 W. Olive Avenue #200

Burbank, CA 91505-4529

Email Submissions (with .pdf or .word doc attached) to:

[email protected]