As you are aware, the executive team and board has worked very hard over the last 18 months to procure a valuable membership benefit program with great rates and no medical underwriting up to plan limits.

We also secured a new dues payment platform opportunity that would bring automated dues payment functionality and enhanced analytics for our management team. Mutual of Omaha agreed to join us on this journey to help our membership with these items under the terms that everyone would go through the opportunity once, update their dues payment platform, and hear about the new benefits opportunity.

As of August 18th, we fell far short of that required membership participation. Only 1,000 of our 3,800 active members heeded our requests to make this appointment and due to this we must discontinue these exciting benefit opportunities and enhanced dues payment system that Mutual of Omaha was bringing to us. We talked in the town halls and membership meetings about this potential discontinuation outcome, and unfortunately due to the lack of member participation post those meetings, we will need to act and discontinue the effort.

It is our intent to evaluate this opportunity again, only if the membership wants to and is committed to the effort above, in 1st Quarter 2024 or later. We are also hopeful the strike will be over by then and the membership will welcome these new opportunities in the future.

Please be aware that any payment information or benefit elections will be disregarded, and no insurance will be bound. No dues payments will be processed through the system. Please pay all dues that need to be paid in the traditional way online, in-person, or by calling our IATSE Local 80 Accounting Clerks.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to our Business Agents Monday – Friday (818)526-0700