Join us for the Meet and Greet/ Book Signing after the talk!

You can guarantee yourself a spot on stage for the talk and an opportunity to speak with Sir Roger and James Deakins afterwards for a photo op and book signing by purchasing a copy of Sir Roger’s book Byways.

NOTE: Due to shipping constraints, your book may not arrive by the event, but we will have special, limited edition book plates at the event for you to get signed and affix to your book when it arrives.

CLICK HERE to order a copy of "Byways"

The purchase of a book is NOT REQUIRED for attendance via zoom or in-person, however, it is recommended if you would like to guarantee a spot for yourself at the stage and an opportunity to get your book signed by Sir Roger Deakins and meet with him after the event.

NOTE: We have now fully booked up the free in-person space at our stage. If you would still like to attend in-person instead of Zoom, it is possible with the purchase of a book while supplies last.